January 10, 2017


Audio/Video files may contain sensitive and crucial information. Our team respects this fact and handles all the projects with utmost care.


Receive orders

The first step in our process starts once we receive the order. Then we understand the deadline of the project and the target country requirements.

Check the document

Our second step includes the checking of the source files. The source audio at times are of very bad quality and we check how much of the same can be understood and explain the same to the client.

Look for expertise

We only hire experienced and well qualified subtitling experts, transcription artists or VO artists to form a part of our resource pool. We take care in delegating the right work to the right person.

Managing the on-going project

We make sure to check with the resource that he has understood the project and will deliver the project in time while maintaining the quality of the output.

Delivering high quality work

Before submitting the file to the client we proofread the file to ensure the quality of the work. Once all the necessary checks are made then only the file is submitted to the client.

Changes if any

We are always open for reviewing our work and making any changes if required. The review can take place even after submission of the file if the client requires.

Future projects

We work with the sole aim of satisfying our clients with our work and ensuring a long term work relationship with them.